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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Too Gigantic: Meet the 28-year-old Woman with the Biggest B.reasts in Europe (Photos)

A German model has become famous and more popular for reportedly having the biggest B.reasts in Europe after plastic surgery.
Martina says she has the biggest B.reasts in Europe
A German air hostess turned glamour model has spent £50,000 on surgery in a bid to transform herself into an ‘exotic Barbie’.
According to a report by Dailymail, the woman identified as Martina Big, who says she is 28 and a size 6, is said to have the biggest B.reasts in Europe. She has boosted her B.reasts to a size 32S, and uses tanning injections and her own powerful 50-tube sunbed to achieve her ‘dark, crispy brown’ complexion.
The White-woman-turned-black has unique implants ‘pumped up’ by injecting saline – and she says she plans to spend more on surgery despite her already extreme looks. 
Nine weeks ago Martina had three melanin boosting injections that have turned her a deep shade of mahogany.
‘I was not expecting to go so dark but it worked so well,’ she said.
‘I love it and I really want to push it to the extreme. Now I just want to get darker and darker and see what the limits are.’
Martina before she started the surgery that changed her
Her boyfriend Michael is supportive, and he even had a course of tanning injections himself.
He said: ‘I didn’t want to go quite as dark as Martina but I support her and like her new look very much.
‘It is a great feeling for me to have Martina by my side. I am the boyfriend of the woman with the largest B.reasts in Europe.
Martina in front of Hollywood sign in America before turning black
‘I hope for the future that Martina will continue inflating her B.reasts, inflating her lips, getting more tanned and getting big B.utt implants.
‘Martina has this extreme look because she has always followed her heart. She and I, our dreams are the same and from change to change, Martina just becomes even more beautiful.’

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