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Monday, April 10, 2017

Beautiful News Broadcaster Caught ‘Daydreaming’ While Live on Air…Her Reaction Will Really Amuse You (Video)

A news broadcaster who was caught on air completely lost in thought as cameras returned to her, has reacted in a spontaneous but hilarious way.
Natasha Exelby was shocked when she discovered what was happening
A viral video has shown the moment a beautiful TV newsreader was caught daydreaming live on air.
Identified as ABC’s Natasha Exelby, she seemed to have forgotten where she was when the directors cut back to the studio at the end of a prerecorded sports report.
The anchor was clearly deep in thought as she sat at her presenting desk fiddling with her pen.
But it was her amazing gasp when she realised the cameras were back on her that have made the short clip so watchable.
Natasha was presenting an evening bulletin on Australia’s ABC News 24 when the comedy blunder occurred. She had just gone over to a different report by Melanie Vujkovic.
However, when the cameras came back to the Sydney studio, the TV journalist was completely oblivious to the fact she was back on air.
Natasha continued to play with a pen in her hands until she slowly looked up and realised she was on LIVE television.
Startled by what was happening, she couldn’t contain her shock as she opened her eyes wide and let out a massive gasp.
The journalist then burbled: “Now to sport with Meredith Sheehan.”
Unfortunately for Natasha, the hilarious blunder didn’t go unnoticed by thousands of viewers in their homes.
While ABC’s Media Watch – an Australian forum for media analysis and comment –  tweeted out the video clip to its 165K followers with the caption: “That feeling when you’re caught daydreaming at work :)”.
Taking to Twitter, fans commented on the current affairs cock-up.
One person said: “A beautiful absolutely real moment on TV for a change.”

Watch the video below:

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