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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Here Are 5 Signs You Are In The Right Relationship

  • You give each other m0ral support

When your friends and family want to see you and your partner together, there is something to savor. Sometimes outside perspective is needed to see things you are too close and emotionally invested in to appreciate or view clearly. Don’t base the value of your relationship on the opinion of others, but listen to the voices you love and respect.

  • You both work hard for the relationship

You’re both willing to put in the work. You jump into action without skipping a beat, and you work on an issue until it’s over. No hesitations.

  • You are both connected spiritually

There’s just something cosmic that pulls you two back together when you drift apart. It’s unexplainable. But it’s there. And it’s always for the better for both of you.

  • The relationship fights are fair

When a fight does break out, it’s a clean one. Your arguments work toward resolving issues and solving problems while still appreciating each other’s feelings and needs.

  • You are both willing to grow together 

You and your partner are evolving together emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Growing closer is easy and a natural course of your relationship.

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How To Avoid s*xual Boredom In Marriage

Life is meant to be exciting. Boredom is something man is willing to pay whatever price to do away with. One of the reasons why we get married in the first instance is for companionship, and one major thing we seek companionship for is to make life exciting, to make life fun, to make life interesting. But when in the marriage excitement is still lacking, people easily fall prey of getting it where they shouldn’t. Many men and even some women committed adultery, not because they planned to, but in their quest for excitement.

They went into marriage full of expectations but only to become disappointed a few years down the line because their expectation did not match with the reality they experienced. Life became more of a routine than fun and no one enjoys life as a routine, not even those who are confined to boredom by marriage or any other thing.

Couples must make their marriage fun. Your home must be an exciting place to be for you and your spouse, and even for your children. Your spouse must see you as fun to be with. Life should not be too serious. There are couples who don’t sit down together cracking jokes with each other. They frown around the house. They live life as if life is a disaster. Even when things are not the way you desire them to be, you don’t have to allow them to rob you of your happiness.

Together with your spouse, you must learn to enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going. Don’t live your life as if you are the one carrying all the problem of the whole world on your head. What informs who you are, is not your circumstance but your decision. That anyone is happy and full of life around you is not because life has been favourable to them, it is only because they have chosen to be happy and full of life. They have learnt to put their challenges and problems aside and enjoy life. Everyone has enough reason to keep them sad and touchy, even those we think life has been fair to. You only need to hear them speak.

For your marriage to be fun, s*x must become fun for you and your spouse. Many couples approach s*x as a thing they must do because they are married to one another. s*x must become what you and your spouse want to have because you enjoy having it with one another, and not because you must do it. It must not be a routine. That is why I don’t advocate couples having “set-aside days” of the week to have s*x.

s*x should flow out of our relating with one another. That is why Dr. Kevin Leman advocates that great s*x Begins in the Kitchen. As she is doing the cooking and you are passing the salt, she puts a piece of meat in your mouth, you use your teeth to cut it into two, you spit one half into her mouth while you chew the second half, one thing keeps leading to another and right there on the kitchen table, you are having fun.

That is what it is meant to be “fun”. Thank God the children have gone on holiday.

s*x with your spouse should be fun time. It is not just about you climbing your wife and “doing it”, neither is it just about you lying down there like a log of wood, waiting for him to finish whatever he is doing. You should make it as interesting as possible. You should be inventive about it. Try several methods. Create excitement. Change location. It doesn’t have to be on your bed and in your bedroom all the time. Every ground is a holy land as long as it is only the two of you that are there. From experience I can say that s*x out of the usual place is very exciting and interesting.

Increasing the s*xual excitement in your home takes a conscious effort, it doesn’t just happen. Go out of your way to learn about how to satisfy your spouse, learn and try out different styles. All these you can have access to through reading; there is nothing you want to know that somebody has not written about. Sit down with

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Bisola’s Baby Daddy Denies Ever Abandoning Her On The Altar

Bisola Aiyeola’s baby daddy has denied ever abandoning her on the altar saying they never got to one. He admits having a child with her but says it couldn’t work due to their personal differences. Olanrewaju Malcolm, who is an artiste manager and showbiz promoter spoke to Sunday Scoop saying;

“It is a big fat lie that I dumped Bisola at the altar; there was nothing like that. In fact, I’m still looking for the person who wrote that story online because it is malicious. We split because we had some personality traits that could not complement each other and there was never any marriage.”

Expressing his opinion of her conduct while in the house, Malcolm said, “I think she was able to go there, represent herself well and also showcase her talent. She was lively and full of fun while in the house and I guess that’s what viewers want.”

On if he had ever haboured thoughts that Bisola would one day participate in a reality show of that nature, he said, “I have always known her as a very talented person and she always goes for what she wants. In fact, she had been in reality shows before Big Brother.”

Speaking about Bisola’s closeness to Tony while in the house, he said, “She is a grown woman and whatever she did on the show is her business.”

He also said that their daughter, Leyla hasn’t really said much about the show, but “naturally, she’s happy that her mother won.”

Responding to a question on whether they would still get back together, Malcolm said “Everything still remains the same. It doesn’t mean that because she was successful at Big Brother Naija, we are coming back together. There was a reason for our break up, which is personality differences, and those differences are still there.”

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Ikoyi Recovery: Governor Wike is a Confused Child – Rotimi Amaechi

Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi

Minister of Transportation and former governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi has responded to the incumbent governor of the state Nyesom Wike’s claim that the money ($43.4m, £27,800, and N23.2m) found in an apartment in Ikoyi, Lagos by operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) belongs to the state government.

Wike had said that Amaechi, during his tenure, syphoned the money which was proceeds from the sale of gas turbines in the state.

Wike, while speaking to journalists on Friday, gave the federal government 7 days to release the money to his state.

Reacting to the development, Amaechi’s media office, in a statement said:


Wike’s reckless, irresponsible and fictitious tirade against the President Buhari administration at his media briefing on Friday is a declaration of war against the federal government.

This has been his regular pastime in recent times, making false allegations against the federal government and threatening the President Buhari administration with fire and brimstone.

Rivers State is perpetually in crisis, the state in a mess as Wike has made a total mess of governance in the state.

That child who sits there as governor is confused, he doesn’t know what to do. Wike’s only solution is to attack Amaechi.

Since he became governor, Wike sleeps and wakes up everyday, with a sole, one-point agenda to attack and denigrate Rotimi Amaechi, no matter how ridiculous and silly he sounds. Everyday in Rivers state, there is one frivolous, false story of what Amaechi did or didn’t do.

Same pattern, the same blatant lies with no proof, same old concocted stories of corruption allegations against Amaechi told with different flavours. At this rate, if Wike is unable to perform his spousal duties, he will blame it on Amaechi. Yes, that’s how despicably low he can go in his consuming fixation to throw mud at Amaechi.

This latest outburst by Wike is typical of him. We are aware that Wike first tried to float the fake news of Amaechi’s ownership of the recovered $43million and the Ikoyi house in the social media using his minions and lackeys, spending huge sums of Rivers money on the failed project.

His minions and lackeys were calling journalists, bloggers and media organisations to run the fake story with promises of almost irresistible mouth-watering compensation for using the fake story.

When that failed and the story didn’t gain traction that was when Wike decided to hurriedly hold the press conference Friday night, to rant and spew his outright lies, yet again without providing any proof of Amaechi’s ownership of both the property and the money.

For clarity and emphasis, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is not the owner of the $43million and the Ikoyi apartment in which the money was recovered from. Amaechi has no business, link or connection to the money or property. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi does not know who owns the money or Ikoyi apartment.

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Arsenal Preparing £50m Summer Swoop For Alexis Sanchez’s Replacement

Arsenal are preparing a £50million summer swoop for Porto attacker Yacine Brahimi and Schalke midfielder Max Meyer, according to reports.

The Gunners are believed to be preparing for life without Alexis Sanchez and have started identifying targets to replace the Chilean star who has been in the news for refusing to renew his contract at the Emirates.

Reports in the Sun claim that the North London side will compete with the likes of AC Milan and Inter for the signature of Algerian forward Yacine Brahimi who has been on the club’s radar since the last summer transfer window.

It is also understood that Arsenal wants to sign German play-maker Max Meyer as a potential replacement for Mesut Ozil who might also leave the club after failing to renew his contract with the club but the Gunners will have to compete with Liverpool who are also believed to be eyeing his signature.

Arsene Wenger had recently admitted that the club are not willing to meet Sanchez’s wage demands as it might destabilise the dressing room.

This comes following reports that Arsenal have completed a summer transfer for Schalke defender Sead Kolasinac who is expected to join the Gunners for free after signing a pre-contract agreement.

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#BBNaija: T-BOSS: I’m Not a Witch But….


Taking time out of her busy itinerary, Tokunbo Idowu, aka T-Boss, second-runner of the recently concluded Big Brother Naija reality show who generated so much buzz and controversy, speaks to JOE AGBRO JR. about her experience and relationships in the house and how she takes negative comments like water on a duck.

Two months in the Big Brother Naija house. How does it feel being outside?

Actually, it was almost three months. It feels amazing. It’s still very unreal and the love I’ve been getting so far is absolutely humbling. I mean, people came to wait for me, receive me at the airport and they were wearing my face on their T-shirts. And it was so… these people love me and waited there for me. It was really humbling. It’s been very good so far.

A lot of people were rooting for you. And on the last day, while you were dressing, you wore a crown. How did it feel that you didn’t emerge winner?

I really appreciate the efforts they put in. I’ve heard some of the supports… I appreciate and I say to them all, thanks. I did not get the grand prize but I am a winner. I am absolutely a winner and I am an absolute queen. I went there as Tokunbo Idowu, just a simple girl, but right now I’m a queen. And that crown, that’s my crown, it’s befitting of how I feel right now. So, Efe is the grand prize winner but I’m also a winner. Bisola is a winner, everybody is a winner. So, I don’t feel bad at all.


You made it to the top three despite several challenges. Before going into the house, did you have a strategy to win, to get votes?

Absolutely not. Before I went into the house, I did a little bit of research with the limited time I had…to go through some previous winners and see, maybe, what it is they did that made them likable, what strategy they applied.

Just before I went into the house, I’m like, ‘abeg, it’s too much for me, I cannot.’ The only thing I know how to do is to be myself. I will be nice. I will get angry. I will scream. I will cry. I will laugh. I just went in there and I was myself. That was my only strategy…..who loved me loves me, who hates me… I have seen some of the comments and it’s sad.

Now that you’ve come out and you’ve seen the comments. Which of those comments have pained you the most?


You also received the most nominations for eviction from your fellow housemates. How do you feel towards them for getting that title of being the most nominated housemate for eviction?

It was a game. People need to understand that it was a game. Everyone went in there fighting for themselves to get that prize money. It was a game. But truth of the matter is, being enclosed with people, you’re forced to live with them, cry with them, laugh, eat, shout with them, fight with them, doing our tasks, you start bonding with them and you start liking them.

Okay, every week it changes. Today, I like you, tomorrow, I don’t like you too much. It happens. Husband and wife, they fight every day. But I don’t have any bad energy or bad feelings towards any of them. They did what they felt they should do under the circumstances. And it’s fine. I love them all. They’re all talented, crazy people but I love them all.

 Of the housemates, who is your favourite?

I don’t have favourites per se. but the person that I would say I really connected with and really bonded the most with would be Debie-Rise because she stayed to the end with me. But off and on, I like everyone.

 Could boredom have been responsible for some of the crazy moments that happened in the house?

What is crazy moment in your opinion?

Like the moments when you exposed your B.reasts, about twice… were they intentional?

I was showering. Did I come to the living room? Where did I expose my B.reasts?

 The first time, you were in the dressing room and you took off your top

So, I was in the bathroom…

 You were not in the bathroom

I was in the private area. Was I in the lounge?

 You were in a place that was being recorded. There were videos out there capturing those moments …

I actually saw videos of us in the bathroom but not shower hour.

 There were two instances that the internet has captured that you took off your top. Weren’t you aware of what you were doing then?

See, the Big Brother house is a place where you showcase yourself. You’re free to be T-Boss. Whoever T-Boss is, you show the world who T-Boss is. And in my own life, in my normal day-to-day life, I don’t like to wear clothes when I’m walking around in my house. I like to be free, here (pointing from her waist downwards), covered here (pointing upwards from her waist), what’s the point? Or I’ll just wear one small blouse. The Big Brother house was like my house at a point.

So, I would just be very very very free. I didn’t do it out of boredom. No, I was just being myself and walking around without clothes… I didn’t go to the kitchen, you know, because, then, that is like really seeking attention or go out into the garden or to the arena. No, I didn’t do that.

 Those actions really created a buzz

Everything creates a buzz. Even when I burb, it creates a buzz. People want to judge, people want to comment. And it’s fine, you know. Just don’t read too much into it.

A columnist, Reuben Abati, wrote a piece where he said you could have won, and were the most worthy to represent Big Brother Naija brand but you lost because of your arrogance. What’s your response to that?

I do not feel I’m an arrogant person. I’m sorry he has that opinion of me. I read the comments. My people actually were afraid that I would get emotional and sad about it. But I’m not. I was actually quite amused when I read his comments about the ‘mango’ part. It was actually quite comical.

 Also during the show, some of the housemates described you as ‘manipulative’ and some commentators also used that word and called you a ‘white witch’.

I heard now… Oh, what do I have to say to that? I don’t know. (Asking another person) ‘Oga, was I manipulative?’ You (to the interviewer), do you think I was manipulative? Those were the comments of people

I don’t know. If they saw me like that, it’s sad. I’m not a manipulative person. And I’m definitely not a witch. Oh my God. And my bed is really not cursed.

 The issue of Kemen sleeping on the same bed with you led him to being disqualified from the house. Kemen has said what happened under the sheets wasn’t what viewers thought. He said when you come out, you’ll be able to talk about it. What really happened?

Well, since he is saying that, he should just go ahead and actually say what really happened.

Kemen said he was just trying to pull a duvet apart, that both of you usually sleep into each other? And that was what he was trying to do…

(Making faces)… See, since I got back (from South Africa), I haven’t slept. I had one hour sleep last night. My head is full with media interviews and so much running around. The last thing I want to think about now is the Kemen issue. I didn’t like it and to be very honest, Kemen was a good friend. But I really do not want to comment about this right now. I am not ready. When I’m ready, I will speak about it.

It was only after leaving the house that some truths about the housemates, like TTT being married and Gifty being married too, came to the surface. Since coming out of the Big Brother House, have you discovered any surprise about your fellow housemates?

Oh, really, she (Gifty) was once married and she did not know.

 Well, that was established after she left the house

OK. So far, nothing has surprised me. About Thin Tall Tony, I always said it, Tony is a married man. He looks like a married man. He carries himself as someone’s father. I have always been saying that in the house. About this Gifty, actually, I’m not thinking much about that right now. So far, I haven’t heard anything that I would say is surprising.

 Are you married?

No, I’m not. I have never been. No.

 Are you in a relationship?

No, I’m not.

 So, did you just have a relationship with Miyonse and Jon in the house to pass time?

I knew Miyonse from Abuja when we went for the auditions. He was the only person that was familiar to me. I kind of like leaned into him. He was funny. We get along, you know. Jon also was really nice.

Jon is a really, really sweet guy. Was I passing away time? Big Brother house is a very strange place. But I like both of them. I have the utmost respect for both of them. They were really nice to me in the house. What else am I supposed to comment about them? Was it a romantic? Miyonse told me he was in a relationship. At the end of the day, he was there fighting for the money to go and spend on his girlfriend, not on me. And Jon, well, he’s not ready for a relationship, so, that’s all.

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